Brother Directory

These are our current active brothers


John(Jack) “Samurai Jack” Taylor

Bio:  Jack is a transfer psych major, and probably the tallest guy you’ll ever meet. He is a member of the Beta Gamma pledge class, is a past Risk Management Officer, and is currently living in the house.


 Nick “Wiz” Cappello

Bio: Nick Cappello is a sophomore accounting major who lives in Blackwood, NJ. He is in the Beta Delta pledge class of spring 2014. He is sports chair and on social committee. He spends most of his free time doing sport things and just kickin’ back with the bros.


 Adam “Seaturtle” Ciesielski

Bio:  Adam is a Junior Electrical and Computer Engineering student pursing a minor in Computer Science. Future Lockheed Martin Intern with past experience in transforming the greenest pools to the prettiest hues of blue. Part of the Beta Delta pledge class, Ex-Co-Scholarship chair, Past Co-PR chair, Past Brother-at-large, and Current Webmaster. Yeah he’s been around. Probably the dumbest smart person you’ve ever met.


 Gerard “Baman” Ramos

Bio:  Gerard Nicholas Ramos is the current Social Chair for the Iota Chi Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho. Aside from the Fraternity, Gerard is the Secondo Violino Principale for Rowan University Orchestra. He has been a violinist for 14 years, and branched out to many other instruments including classical guitar and piano, but enjoys spending almost all of his free time with friends. His friends and family call him Nikko because when his mom was still pregnant his older sisters used to ask for “baby Nikko.” Gerard was born in Hoboken, New jersey, Spend the first 5 years of his life in a small house in Jersey City, New Jersey, and now Lives in Lumberton, New Jersey. He has been a private violin teacher since 2011. Gerard is not extremely athletic but instead is more of a puzzle and arts man, he was show cased in middle school for many of his modular origami works including a variation of the modular 500 piece swan and origami scale models of the Epcot ball. Gerard also spends time keeping his 3×3 Rubik’s time below 45 seconds, and his amateur philosophy and mind games as sharp as possible. Gerard is the baby of the family with an older brother named Gil and two sisters named Gretchen and Gillian. Everyone in Gerard’s immediate family has the initials “G R.” Although Gerard does not like many sports he is an intelligent man who would rather sit back a study the ways of the people around him and use what he learns to adapt to any scenario. He believes that the trials he has been through make him the person he is today and continues to live his life motto of “Regret what you have done, rather than what you haven’t.” I am the Bat.


Kyle “Blonde Jesus” Thomas

Bio:  Kyle is currently a Public Relations major, but holds experience in many different fields. He has worked in the Electrical Engineering field, and has performed for many music acts. He prides him self in his blonde-jesusian religion, and looks forward to the day of Blondemption.


Joseph “Y2K” Willett

Bio:  Joseph Willett lived and grew up in the town of Hightsown, NJ. Wrestling from middle school through high school gave him a passion for competing and exercising. His major is Health Promotion and Fitness Management and you can often find him at the gym working out alone or with friends. His passion for exercise and competition led him to enter and tough mudder in 2013. Joseph plans to graduate in 2017 with a Health and Exercise Science degree and a concentration in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. Joseph is in the Beta Delta pledge class and has held rush and date party chair as well as been on fundraising and service committees.


 Adam “Cappello” Wisniewski

Bio:  Adam Wisniewski is a sophomore mechanical engineering student who plans on graduating in 2017. He was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to Sicklerville, New Jersey. He went to Our Lady of Hope and St. Augustine Prep for his education. At, St. Augustine, he was a member of the soccer team. While at Rowan, he joined Alpha Chi Rho in the Beta Delta pledge class. Adam’s current positions that he holds in the fraternity are co-scholarship chair and is a member of the service committee.

 Barry “Waldo” Barnett

Bio:  Barry is a self-proclaimed “Penta-Threat” (Singer. Actor. Dancer. Model. Bitch) He is a junior RTF student with aspirations of becoming a screenwriter. In his free time Barry likes to play video games, play guitar, sing, and hang out with friends. He is currently the lead host on RTNs “Game On!” and hopes to one day have a tv show of his own.

 Jordan “Black Cannon” Braxton

Bio:  Jordan is a Junior Economics major from Baltimore, Maryland. He was raised in Maryland until high school when he went to Florida. A transfer to Rowan University, he first attended school in the south at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys long walks on the beach, soft music, and getting his likes from a list on google. He is currently the IGC representative and loves lamp.

 Josh “Dolphin Boy” Crespo

Bio:  Josh is a sophomore Television/Film major. He hails from Clifton, NJ and went to highschool at St Peter’s Prep in Jersey City. He is in the Beta Epsilon class. He likes long walks on the beach and the number 47. His dream is to make movies that at least get a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

 Nicholas “Poindexter” Kides

Bio:  Dual major in mathematics and education, Nicholas Kides, sophomore, was raised in Sayreville, New Jersey. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games and sports. His favorite band is Volumes. In addition, he plays in a band with his best friend and enjoys amp modeling and profiling. Nick is co-service chair in Alpha Chi Rho. His big is Steven Gossert and he is the best big in Alpha Chi Rho. In the future, he hopes to be a successful high school math teacher.

 John “Yoda” Mattera

Bio:  John is a sophmore RTF major from Manalapan New Jersey, and went to Manlapan High School. He is in the Beta Epsilon Pledge Class, was just Rush Chair, and has a big passion for music. He collects vinyls for fun and hopes to one day be the host of his own radio show

 Michael “Naughty Bear” Trigo

Bio:  Born and raised in Jersey City Michael continued his education at Hudson County Community College after graduating high school. Going into his sophomore year he transferred to Rowan University where he now studies Radio/Television/Film. Michael joined Alpha Chi Rho in the fall of 2014 and is currently on the rush committee. With his degree he hopes to one day become a voice actor, but for now he will stick with his bad Joe Swanson impressions.

 Radwan “Paul Walker” Azraei

Bio:  Radwan is a Biology major from Deptford, NJ. He is a member of the Beta Zeta pledge class of spring 2015. He is a transfer student from Gloucester County College now known as Rowan College at Gloucester County. Radwan graduated high school from Gloucester County Institute of Technology in 2012. He grew up playing baseball, basketball, volleyball, and running cross country. His interests include cars, sports, food, napping. Radwan is very good with working with his hands and wants to put his talents into becoming a successful…Dentist.

 Dan “Deadliest Catch” DeMonte

Bio:  Dan DeMonte is a from Millstone NJ. He is a fun out going person who is part of the Beta Zeta pledge class. He listens to pretty much any type of music besides rap. When Dan graduates he hopes to have at job and not be homeless and alone.

 Joshua “RedRover” Fulds

Bio:  Joshua is a Sophomore Accounting major with a minor in Marketing. He is from Brooklyn, NY and moved to East Brunswick, NJ in July 1999. Joshua is a part of the Beta Zeta pledge class. He likes listening to music, hanging with friends, watching television/movies and following the New York Mets. He enjoys playing and watching sports. One day he would like to find a job that would allow him to work in a field of sports.

 Travis “Fade to Black” Gionattasio

Bio:  Travis is a Freshman Civil Engineering major and a member of the Beta Zeta pledge class. His brilliance is only outmatched by his own hardly-tolerable brand of sarcasm. He hails from the fine village of Manchester, New Jersey. He enjoys re-watching every Futurama episode ever, laughing at speed limits, Ireland, and good Irish potatoes. After college, he plans to get a master’s degree and build bigger things than Damon.

 CJ “Teacher’s Pet” Mahoney

Bio:  CJ is a Computer Science major that decided to stick to the 6 year track on day one. Known for his love of talking in the third person, CJ is a miracle of modern medicine, having been born at the age of 19. CJ is most likely the tallest man you will ever meet. As a member of the Beta Zeta pledge class, he enjoys long walks on the beach complaining about Chris Plundeke.

 Chris “B-man” Plundeke

Bio:  Chris Plundeke didn’t really know what to put down here so He just gave me the basics. He is a Communication Studies major, grew up in Tenafly NJ. Skateboarding is all he does. Marvel Comics and Original Star Wars trilogy is life. He likes to listen to REAL punk rock music (blink-182 ain’t punk Phil) listens to bands like the Ramones, Bad Brains, Black Flag and Minor Threat. He loves theme parks (Islands of Adventure, Disney Land). He’s working on a ten year plan to pull the stick out of CJ’s butt. cowabunga brah.

 Phil “Happy Feet” Polacek

Bio:  Phil is a freshman Management Information Systems Major, from River Edge New Jersey. He graduated from River Dell High School in Oradell NJ in 2014. He grew up playing soccer and his favorite team is FC Bayern Munich. He loves the outdoors and especially going snowboarding in the winter with friends. Both of his parents are from Germany, and he goes over at least once a year to visit family. Phil enjoys blasting punk rock music, and his favorite band is Blink-182. He pledged in the spring of 2015 and is apart of the Beta Zeta Pledge Class.

 Kyle “Beercules” Steinmetz

Bio:  Kyle is a Mechanical Engineering major from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He is a part of the Beta Zeta pledge class of spring 2015. He is a jack of all trades and master of none. He spends most of his time daydreaming about cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just about anything with a motor. He likes playing any and all sports, but only cares about watching his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Kyle is also proudly a volunteer firefighter, but he fights the fire with his bare fists.

 Tom “Butters” Tyrrell

Bio:  Tom is a junior Mechanical Engineering major and a member of the Beta Zeta pledge class. He loves his pet Loch Ness monster but don’t let him tell you a story about it because he goes great on toast.

 Kenneth “Combustion” Wyche

Bio:  Kenneth Michael Wyche is a man of faith. He loves his friends and family (Especially his baby cousin) and will go out of his way for them. He is a Psychology Major and Political Science minor at Rowan University, as well as someone who is very involved in his college community. Kenneth is the product of a one parent household, and is from Hackensack New Jersey. Kenneth’s career goal is to be a School Psychologist. His hobbies include playing pokemon, cooking, reading, working out, and the occasional participation in social gatherings. Two things on Kenneth’s bucket list are to travel to Rio de Janeiro and to sky dive.

 Tommy “Option #3” Ayrer

Bio:  Tommy Ayrer is a sophomore here at Rowan. He is a law and justice major and is looking to become a state trooper. Tommy grew up in pemberton township where he played soccer and enjoyed hanging around with friends. In his free time he fishes, works on his car, drives around, or goes adventuring. However, he absolutely hates the cold so during the winter months he stays in as much as he can. He is always down for a conversation with anyone with just about anything, so get to know him ladies. Tommy is part of the Beta Eta class.

 Kevin “Tea Candle” Chau

Bio:  Kevin Chau is a transfer student and a Junior by credits. Kevin is from Galloway, New Jersey; to put into perspective, he lives literally right down the street from Stockton University. He is an Education and English Major, and hopes to teach the upper elementary students; preferably 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. Alternatively, he plans on getting a Master’s Degree in school counseling, so he can pursue his dream job of being a High School guidance counselor/adviser. Kevin enjoys playing video games and enjoys hip-hop dancing. He is a prime contributor to “Netflix And Chill,” but Kevin is the “chill,” and Netflix watches him.

 Matt “Ghostface Killah” DiDio

Bio:  Matt is a sophomore political science major who transferred from Burlington County College which is now known as Rowan College at Burlington County. He is a member of the Beta Eta pledge class of Fall 2015. He grew up in Lumberton, NJ and enjoys playing video games, editing cool videos, and hanging out with friends.

 Josh “Kevin Lawlor” Fleurmont

Bio:  He is a sophomore biology major and one day will raise the dead.

 Dan “Wallflower” George

Bio:  Dan is a sophomore Geographic Information Systems major who hails from Lumberton, NJ. In his spare time, Dan likes playing sports, watching tv, spending time with his friends, or going for a spontaneous long drive. Dan is also very passionate about music. He enjoys listening to and playing music, as he played drums for 8 years, and currently DJ’s too. Dan is part of the Beta Eta pledge class and hopes to one day join the United States Air Force after earning his bachelors degree.

 Ryan “Toothless” Lauer

Bio:  Ryan Lauer is a junior Law and Justice major. He enjoys playing football, skiing, playing video games, and listening to music. He is from Wyckoff, NJ and part of the Beta Eta pledge class. After he graduates he hopes to become a state trooper.

 Kevin “Sonny Boy” Lawlor

Bio:  Kevin is an accounting major from Northvale, New Jersey. He is also a Student Ambassador for Rowan University as well as a member of the cross county and track teams. In his free time Kevin enjoys hanging around with friends, listening to music(any type), playing guitar and piano, and eating.

 Jairo “99%” Padilla

Bio:  Jairo Padilla is a business management major which means he is not sure what he wants to do with that yet. He is from Pennsauken New Jersey where he attended Pennsauken High School. He is part of the Beta Eta pledge class in fall 2015. He is currently a commuter and looks like that will not change for a while so if you can’t find him he’s probably working or at home. Favorite number is 31 because it’s the day of his birthday in August. He also loves free shirts. Seriously he would attend anything if it meant a free shirt.

 Grant “Bruh” Petri

Bio:  Grant Petri is a Political Science major and would like to go to law school eventually and specialize in International Law. Grant Petri is from Mount Laurel, the town between other towns that everyone else knows. Grant Petri is a mystery wrapped in an enigma shrouded in curiosity; they can’t predict what you’re going to do if you don’t know what you’re going to do. Grant Petri is also into video games, politics, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends. Grant Petri is talking in third person. Grant Petri is apart of the Beta Eta pledge class(the best one).

 Anthony “TonyRoo” Polimeni

Bio:  Tony is from West Deptford, New Jersey and is a member of the Beta Eta pledge class. He is a Biology major who aspires to be involved in the medical field someday. Although it’s one of the hardest things to be, he is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan. He loves his Italian heritage and dreams of living on the coast of Italy someday. His biggest inspiration is his cousin Michael, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is also the reigning FIFA, Madden, and 2K champ of the Iota Chi Phi chapter.

 Kenny “Kanenas Panta” Stetser

Bio:  An aspiring Physical Therapist, Kenny grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He spends his free time watching his favorite Soccer team, Arsenal, play. He also enjoys playing Soccer, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends. His dream is to move to California, where he’ll escape the cold, and the bad Jersey attitude.

 Christopher “Mr. Meeseeks” Williams Jr.

Bio:  Chris is a Law and Justice major from Woolwich Township New Jersey. He is inspiring to be a federal agent. Chris graduated from Kingsway Regional in 2014. He actually enjoys running and working out as he was apart of the cross country and track teams while he was in high school. He likes to listen to J Cole and his favorite album is 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

 Jonathan “Time-Bomb” Ahl

Bio:  Jonathan was born at the age of 18, full beard and all, weighing a feather light 220 pounds with the sole purpose to join the Beta Theta pledge class and become a State Trooper. His clan raised him out of Egg Harbor Township New Jersey, to withstand any sort of physical or psychological torture. He has a masterplan to remove his Big, CJ off the face of the Earth and will probably bring a barbaric and apocalyptic end to the entire chapter at Rowan University with his bare hands and bulging muscles.

 Brandon “Sippy Cup” Carfiello

Bio:  Brandon is a part of the Beta Theta pledge class and Business major from Pennsville, New Jersey. He enjoys listening to all varieties of music and hanging out with friends. Brandon also enjoys playing any sort of game and loves being around people who like to laugh. In his spare time he loves to go to the movies and relax. Brandon plans on minoring in computer science and hopefully landing a job somewhere far away from New Jersey.

 Jacky “Little Bird” Chen

Bio:  Jacky was born at a young age in the beautiful city of New York and raised in the nation’s oldest seashore resort (Cape May). Some would say that he is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. In fact, if Jacky is not slaying fire-breathing dragons, he spends his free times sleeping, hanging out with friends, and browsing on Amazon. Currently, Jacky is the HNIC of his family restaurant and trying to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. He is part of the Beta Theta pledge class of Spring 2016.

 Julian “Hooked On Phonics” Coto

Bio: Theta af.

Tyler “Sunshine” Diaz

Bio:  Other than playing Halo, Gears of war, or pretty much every other game in existence, he loves to spend time with his family. Family and friends are huge in his book and will put them before anything. Believes that working hard for what you love is the key to success and nothing is just handed to you. Die hard Philly fan, loves his girlfriend Kayla, EOF/MAP student, future physical therapist, and will do absolutely anything for anybody. Hang out with him for an hour and you will never laugh so hard in your life. “The first thing that is given to you in life is a name. Now it’s your job to make it remembered”.

Luke “Sleepy the Dwarf” Gilman

Bio:  Luke Gilman is a Computer Science major from Hamilton new jersey who is looking to get into the cyber security field. He is a member of the Beta Theta pledge class. Luke enjoys hanging with his brothers, discovering new music, and working out in his free time. He cant stress enough that he isn’t actually Will Lynch.

Brett “Curious George” Goebel

Bio:  Brett was born in Manchester, New Jersey. He likes playing soccer and baseball in his free time along with other outdoor activities such as fishing and off-roading. Brett is a public relations major hoping to get a job with the New York Mets one day.

Maxwell “Daddy” Gonzoph

Bio:  Maxwell describes himself has the nicest asshole you’ll ever meet, however the latter half only appears to be true. He is a part of the Beta Theta pledge class and his interests include cars, lacrosse, and lifting heavy things and putting them back down again.

Brennan “Safe-Keeping” Julian

Bio: Brennan is a freshman Law and Justice major that is intending on graduating in the spring of 2019. He was born and raised in Frederick, CO. YES, he is from Colorado. He is attending Rowan University because he is on a scholarship. Brennan is a very big baseball fan and has played for all of his life. He enjoys spending time with friends and family at his family cabin where he fishes, hunts, and rides four wheelers. Brennan also enjoys traveling and living live to the fullest.

Nick “Attention to detail” Juliano

Bio:  Nick is from the very top corner of New Jersey in a small town called Sussex. He is currently a freshman RTF major. Nick hopes to one day be involved with movies or televison. He has paced enough to go to California and back. He is a family man and is proud of his irish heritage. Nick would rather spend a day at home then a day out.

Brett “Looks Shopped” Kwak

Bio:  Brett Kwak isn’t on Tinder for hookups. Looking for a serious relationship. Not DTF. Send me a cute pickup line. Buy me Starbucks and I’ll love you forever. Favorite song is photograph by Nickelback. RIP Oxana.

Christoper “Lurch” Lamb

Bio:  Christopher is a Junior Law and Justice major pursuing a career in law enforcement. Christopher is from Howell, New Jersey. He’s a transfer student from Brookdale Community College. With his free time he enjoys long walks on the beach, hanging out with friends/girlfriend and drinking an ice cold beer with his brothers. He hopes to one day find the cure for cancer.

Will “Jonah Hill” Lynch

Bio:  Will lynch is a simple man who likes watching Netflix, playing video games, and jamming out to sick beats he makes on his leapster. Will has never gone skydiving in case you were wondering and his dream is to be a Jedi. Will’s favorite song is a tie between kiss from a rose and wheels on the bus. He is a hopefully by the time you are reading this a music technology major and wants to pursue music as a career seeing as he loves playing piano more than anything in the world.

Dan “Tony Hawk” Rosario

Bio:  Born and raised in Central Jersey (if you believe in Central Jersey…) Dan is starting his sophomore year as a Bisuness dual major in Management and Marketing. While ignoring his schoolwork, Dan loves to Ski, play zombies, go mudding, play tennis, dunk on you with Durant in 2K, and chill around a fire with his bestfriends on a summer night. He is apart of the Beta Theta pledge class.

Joshua ‘brother blackout’ Schwartz

Bio:  Josh grew up in Mullica Hill, New Jersey where he lived most of his life. He went to Clearview Regional High School and graduate in 2015. He is majoring in civil engineering. Josh loves listening to music, but there’s no specific genre which can ranges from musicals to rap. He loves tattoos and currently has three but plans on getting more soon. Fun fact – Josh dislikes writing about himself in third person.

Dan “Mall Grab” Trevino

Bio:  Alpha af. Constantly needs a beer in his hand. Voted by Hillary Clinton to be the greatest person on earth.

Matt “Amici” Amodie

Bio:  Matt Amodie is a law and justice major. From Trenton/Hamilton New Jersey. Amodie is a beta iota and has an extra chromosome.

Domenick “Brother Airsoft” Palmiotto

Bio:  Domenick is computer science major who is part of the Beta Iota pledge class. He transferred from Ocean County College and after graduating plans to pursue a career in Database Managment. Dom loves to play sports especially golf which he played in high school and at community college. He spends summers working on the golf course. Along with golf he spends much of his free time either breaking his jeep in the woods or fixing it.

Anthony “Verse 2” Ramos

Bio:  Anthony Ramos is a Junior Business Management major from a small town in North Jersey called Oxford, I suggest you don’t Google search that name and click on images. He is apart of the Beta Iota pledge class of Fall 2016. In his free time he likes to workout, listen to music and play basketball. His favorite basketball team is the Thunder so don’t talk about Kevin Durant to him. He is also involved with the Office of Student activities on campus. Additionally, he enjoys playing and coaching unified sports. He doesn’t know what he wants to do after he graduates but who does.

Guy “Katniss Everdeen” Rose

Bio:  Easily the most suspect out of the Beta Iotas. Rocking the baddest beard you’ve ever seen.

Eric “Appa” Chen

Bio:  Eric’s world changed when the fire nation attacked. Besides being a total legend and saving the world, he likes to practice bending on his down time. Eric was stuck in an iceberg for a hundred years, therefore no one knows his real age. Aside from his legendary status, he likes to defend the land by playing Call of Duty and being a full time manager on Fifa. Eric is a member of the Beta Kappa class of Spring 2017. Remember his name because you will know why later on.